26 June 2009

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

...except it doesn't work so well when Daddy works nights.

Amelia is cranking her cuteness up to 11 just to stay awake.

25 June 2009

Fun Family History Find

I just found a book about the Atwaters that is available in PDF format online. Haven't had much of a chance to look at it yet, but I've saved it to my computer so that I can read it as I have time. Actually, it looks like the easiest way to flip through the pages is to click on the Read Online link. The pages flip just like a real book. Going to peruse this site further to see what else I can find. Should be cleaning the house, but this is so much more fun and I already found one family this morning that needs ordinance work done!
FYI: Atwaters are our "tangled" branch. Grandpa Parkins' parents were first cousins whose common grandparents were Samuel Atwater and Mary Jane Magill (or McGill).

11 June 2009

Baby Blair #3 is a......

...boy! Christie will have to tell the details from the ultrasound because I stayed home to watch the girls. Little JEB is gonna have to hold his own against two big sisters. Elizabeth is already fascinated by the new boy socks Christie got, and Amelia keeps saying "Baby Mommy tummy"

In other news, I've completed my Axia internship and have been fully accepted as a faculty member. My next batch of classes doesn't start until July 20th, though. So Happy Birthday to Amelia.

I sign out on vacation at work on July 10th to find a place in McAllen, come back, and get the family moved down there. I have to work a day in August to keep our medical insurance going until STC picks it up. So I'll work one whole day in August, and come in part of the next day to out-process. The funny part is that by working a day in August to keep the medical, I probably qualify for the $800 retention bonus that TYC is supposedly getting. That should about pay for the moving truck rental, give or take.