28 November 2009


Last Saturday the ward had a Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. A lot of the kids were playing on the stage. Elizabeth managed to get the bishop to give her the microphone. She started singing and performing.

We went to Barnes and Noble afterwards and the girls discovered the kids area.

Jeb enjoys chillin' in his Bumbo... at least for a little while.

Elizabeth was working on some big plans for this week...

Waiting to eat Thanksgiving at Grandpa and Grandma Blair's:

"That's a big chicken!" Elizabeth stated in wonder. The girls like to eat the roasted chickens from Wal-Mart, so I guess that's what she thought it was.

Elizabeth took pictures afterwards.

(Pictures of Daddy when he was little, except the top left, that one is Uncle Darren)

(Grandma let Amelia play with her old baby doll)

Coming soon: Pictures from Texas Renaissance Festival 2009 (and maybe Scarborough Faire 2009.... yeah a little late with that second group).

13 November 2009

Jeb at 2 months

Lucky Friday the 13th! I got a great shot on the first try! Much better than at one month.