20 September 2009

Daddy's boy

More pictures. Daddy holding his little Scout.

Oh, the difference one big diaper can make. These pictures were just a couple of minutes and one kaboom diaper apart from the previous post.

Week in Review

What a busy week! Jeb is home! Elizabeth has discovered taking pictures. Amelia loves her baby brother but is starting to realize she gets less Mommy time right now.

Ready to fly home.


Elizabeth helped Granny and Grandpa organize the play room. (Amelia too)

Daddy and his buddy

Jeb and Jeb. No, he wasn't named after the bear. Christie can explain it.

14 September 2009

Here's Jeb!

We're waiting at the hospital to be released. Yet another delay... nothing wrong with Jeb, just some communication failures with the hospital staff. I might have to cancel my night class as well as my morning classes.

In case anyone wonders why Elizabeth doesn't look happy, she hates doctors, hospitals, and anything that looks medical, so she was really freaking out being there. The fact that she wanted to see her baby brother is the only reason why she was even in the room. She sure loves her baby brother! Amelia on the other hand is completely ok with doctors and such. Kinda weird considering she was the one in the NICU for over 2 months.

08 September 2009

These blogs don't update themselves, son!

Some pictures for catching up:

We were given a sectional sofa right after we moved in. The girls love it. Elizabeth insists on sleeping on it at night if she can get away with it.

Daddy now has a job where he can bring the family in to work. It takes a bout 75 minutes to get there, depending on traffic, but he only goes twice and is there all day when he does.

We took a family trip to see the office and take the college books out of the house. We probably need to do another trip!

Amelia loves her monkey. So does Elizabeth. The monkey went with both girls when they each got sick and had to go to the ER because it was a weekend night.

They both enjoyed the faculty lounge. Elizabeth loves to twirl her hair sometimes.

Elizabeth trying to figure out where all the books will go.

I have a corner office! An inside corner, but a corner. The guy across from me brings in a baby peacock and has a toy train in his office.

Time to leave! The stains on Daddy's clothes came from when the moving truck blew an oil line.