24 June 2008

Tortilla Love

Elizabeth loves tortillas. She would live off of tortillas and bananas if we let her. James left a package of burrito-size tortillas on the table when he went back to work after lunch today.

22 June 2008


A long time ago I tried doing Elizabeth's hair in pigtails, but they fell out/got pulled out very quickly. Today I finally tried again with little rubber bands and it worked! She wasn't too happy about it this morning, but got over it pretty quickly and looked SO cute!
I also LOVE the dress she wore today. I got it on clearance for $2 at Wal-Mart!
Why are you taking my picture, Mommy?
We're already late for church!

Being cute after church.

As was her sister.

The pigtails after a busy day in nursery.

Doesn't she look grown up?

20 June 2008

The difference a month makes!

We forgot to post the 10 month picture of Amelia with Jeb, so now you get a two-fer!

10 Months:
Looks like she having a conversation with Jeb.

11 Months:

She's pulling up on things, moving all over the place. She has her own way of crawling. She was standing next to Jeb but the camera wasn't fast enough.

So next month will be her birthday! She's practicing already, at least with the birthday cake.

Step 1: Wait for Mommy to get some cake.

Step 2: Grab as much cake as you can from Mommy.

Step 3: Cram it in your face. Most will go in your mouth. Some will go in your nose, but that's OK. Most of your sense of taste really comes from smell, so it's all good. Ears and eyes don't work so well, so try to avoid them.

Also tagged!

I have the honor of being tagged in the first post by Christie's mom on her own blog. So here goes!

5 things I did 10 years ago
1. Started working on my A.A. in Business after finishing A.A.S. in Criminal Justice
2. Called as ward librarian. Not seen again until Evelyn MacIntosh dragged me out by my ear. No kidding.
3. Also called as YSA rep.Beginning of 5 year struggle forging and maintaining multi-ward YSA group
4. Helping hold things together at home while Bryan was on his mission and my Dad was getting the grand Army tour of the world.
5 . not much else, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.

5 things on my list today
1. Mow lawn: done
2. Do dishes: done
3. Do laundry: in progress
4. help update blog: working on it
5. clean and season dutch oven: um, yeah, about that...

5 favorite snacks/food
1. Rouladen
2. Haribo Gummi Bears
3. Black licorice (the only real kind of licorice)

4. corned beef hash (also in burrito form)
5. choclate chip cookies, easy on the chips

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Give work the diplomatic salute
Get ATP training in all categories of aircraft (fixed wing, rotary wing, glider, balloon, blimps...)
3. finish PhD and be a professor somewhere. doesn't really matter where, as I won't have to worry about the publish or perish. More of a paid hobby than a job.
4. support my other hobbies, and help Christie with hers
5. travel, using #2 and most likely in support of #4
6. establish The Compound

5 bad habits
1. Taking on too much
2. Getting angry
3. Procrastinating
4. Getting distracted

5. not giving myself enough credit

5 places I have lived
1. Permasens and Wertheim , Germany
2. Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
3. Geronimo and Fort Sill, Oklahoma
4. Copperas Cove/Fort Hood, Texas (also Fort Bliss)
5. Huntsville & Madisonville, Texas

5 people I tag
1. Bryan
2. My Mom
3. Darren

4. Yonas (come see the snakes out here at Rattlesnake Bomber Base, biggest dens of rattlesnakes in North America!)
5. You. Yeah, you. Don't try to hide, you know who I'm talking about. Get blogging.

Double tagged

Ok, since both my aunt Meredith and my cousin Jasmine tagged me I guess I need to get with it and respond. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the one I did in November.

5 things I did 10 years ago
  1. Back at BYU after my mission
  2. Lived in the basement of a really old house (cheap!)
  3. Bought my first car (also cheap!)
  4. Kept up my Spanish with roommates from Peru and Bolivia
  5. Submitted too many names for temple work (still not completely done)

5 things on my to do list

  1. Dishes
  2. Unpack
  3. FamilySearch Indexing and new FamilySearch
  4. Season dutch oven if James doesn't get to it
  5. Clean the house (Ha! Like that'll happen!)

5 favorite snacks/food

  1. Tomatoes (so sad right now that I didn't grow any this year)
  2. Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles
  3. Blue Bell Banana split Ice Cream
  4. Chile Rellenos
  5. Sea Salt Vinegar kettle chips

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire

  1. Let James quit his job (seriously, neither of us would probably ever work again)
  2. Travel, tavel, travel...history, church history, family history...our list is quite long
  3. Definitely have full time help inside and outside for the house we would buy
  4. Plan really cool reunions
  5. Help people, carefully, so as not to hurt them

5 bad habits

  1. Overeating
  2. Not exercizing
  3. Spending too much time on the computer
  4. Not cleaning the house
  5. Critizing

5 places I have lived

  1. Blythe, CA
  2. Provo, UT
  3. Denton, TX
  4. Madisonville, TX
  5. Bruneau, ID

5 people I tag (people I want to get a blog!)

  1. Bobby
  2. Sabina
  3. Mom
  4. Dad
  5. Bryce

10 June 2008

Uh Oh

It's 7pm and I just realized Elizabeth is still taking a nap. She went down around 3pm. Amelia and I tried to wake her up at 5pm.
Uh, yeah, I took the girls outside to play in the wading pool and tire them out for a good nap...looks like it worked a little TOO well!

08 June 2008

Pony Express

One of the items that I ordered last Fall as part of the Amazon $250 toy deal was Baby Gymtastics 3-in-1 Rockin' Gym. It was $50, so I was really excited when it shipped and really disappointed when I realized it had been sent UPS to our PO Box and was returned. Then the price dropped to $15 so we decided to get it for Amelia for Christmas anyways. So, excited again.

Then she pretty much never used it. She hated being on the floor and the stupid thing only had two toys to grab at. Disappointed again.

A couple of weeks ago I did the transformer thing and made it into a rocking horse. Amelia is now obsessed with the thing! This picture really fails to capture how excited she was, but it's the only one where we got her face because she kept looking down at the flashing lights on the keyboard. Elizabeth likes to hop on behind and make it rock.

James left for Scout Camp yesterday and already managed to get a hand-delivered note to us. I was really surprise to hear a knock at the door this afternoon and even more surprised to see our Branch President. He handed me a folded up piece of paper and said it was from James. It was a paystub printout from a couple of months ago. I was puzzled...then I saw some sort of schedule scribbled on it...even more puzzled. Then I saw a note:

Learning a lot out here Thank you

And in another spot

Peter Pan loves Goldilocks, Monkadoo, & Little Bear

Ah, sweet! But not really worth having the Branch President stop by on his way back from going out there for training this afternoon (the General YM President was there). We're right off the freeway, but still!

Then I looked at the "schedule" more closely. I was worried that he'd accidentally sent his notes on the schedule for camp. LOL Nope! It was the hours he worked last week. The servers had been down and he hadn't gotten his timecard submitted online this week. The purpose of the note was for me to do it for him before the work week ended tonight so that he didn't get chewed out. Ah, well, still a sweet note and worth the trouble, after all. Sure am glad I realized what it was before it was too late.

04 June 2008

Amelia likes ice cream

It's just from the cell phone, so not very good quality, but I think it captures Amelia pretty well.