17 April 2010

Today's harvest

Romaine lettuce and leaf lettuce (been cutting leaves off for salads for weeks now but it's getting hot so I'm starting to harvest whole heads)
2 cucumbers (vines have almost reached the top of the 6 ft trellis!)
3 tomatoes (1 accidental)
1 hot banana pepper (probably too soon...looked yellower in the garden)
1 Anaheiem pepper (was getting a soft brown spot so I picked it)
1 lonely sugar snap pea pod (plants got eaten up earlier and just now starting to recover)
1 yellow squash

13 April 2010

7 months and on the move!

Jeb has been scooting for about a week now and yesterday he got the alternating arm/leg thing going on, but was still on his tummy. Today he's up on his hands and knees and has it all down, so watch out world! Also getting his first top tooth and has a chest cold, so he's a busy boy!

12 April 2010

"Easter" clothes

Since Easter was General Conference, we'd planned to have the kids wear their "Easter" clothes (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Blair!) the week before. But we ended up staying home that Sunday with colds.
So this Sunday they finally got dressed up and we paused for a couple of quick pictures before we ran out the door.

Yes, we have beautiful children. No, we don't know how in the world that happened.

Look, Mom, I found...

Time after time she brings me some "treasure" (rarely as pretty as this one). Excitedly, she calls out "Look, Mom, I found!" with the same enthusiasm whether it be a beautiful flower or a piece of bark from the playground mulch that looks just like the thousands of other pieces all around her. Sunday's lesson on The Creation made me think of my Amelia and the joy she loves to share in this beautiful home we've been given on Earth.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, has never been one to run and show me a pebble or a blade of grass. I think she's a little too busy doing the creating.

08 April 2010

When I need to smile I go out to the backyard

My garden makes me smile. There's always something new to see. These pictures are not quite a month after the first ones.
Finally got a zuchinni plant to come up! With all the jokes about how easy it is to grow, I've just never had much luck. This was my 3rd attempt...1st one was at the same time as the yellow squash below.

Look at all those blossoms!

My biggest tomatoes
Cherry tomato cluster

Look at that Roma tomato plant! 10-11 tomatoes per cluster! Such a change after my shady garden in Pyote.

Not too easy to get to the cucumbers behind the pepper cages (note for next year), but I'm excited at how well they are doing.

Banana peppers

Anaheim peppers

The last of the lettuce still hanging on in the warm weather

Wait! Where did my baby go!

Yeah, Mom, I'm ready to drive!

Amelia showing Jeb how to put the key in the ignition...
...and turn it.

What do you mean 6 months is too young? Off I go!

LOVE Amelia's hair on the trampoline!
Every morning Elizabeth picks out her clothes and runs out of the bedroom, screaming "Is this a good match?"

The girls think it is fun to play "catch" by lying down on the ground and having me lob a ball so that it comes straight down on them.
Yeah, our backyard is a pretty fun place to be these days!

04 April 2010

Princess and Frog Daddy/Daughter Date

To go with the previous post, Elizabeth has been a fan since she got to see it in the theater over Christmas break. Just her and Daddy, since she's old enough to be able to sit through the movie and enjoy it.

I had to use the camera on my phone to get the pictures...

Elizabeth with the mega-sized drink. She even let Daddy have some.

And the mega tub of popcorn. We had a spill near the beginning, but there was so much it wasn't really missed. We also had some movie theater "gummi bears".

She enjoyed the movie. She also finished off the popcorn and soda on the way home!

Shadows and Light

The villain of Disney's The Princess and the Frog is the "Shadow Man", Dr. Facilier. His henchmen are shadows. Elizabeth, being a 4 year old girl, had some anxiety over that. Her Daddy, being the wise man that he is, found the perfect solution. He brought out a headlamp and showed her what happens if you shine a light at a shadow (like Ray in the movie). So, this is how Elizabeth watches her current favorite movie!