17 March 2010

Jeb's not all that's growing around here

3/11 vs 3/17

3/11 vs 3/17

I took pictures of my garden boxes right before we left Thursday and again this morning. It's fun to see the difference in less than a week. The one thing I'm not so excited about when it comes to our trip in NC in May is that I'll be away from my garden for 3 weeks. Plan to hire a Scout to water it, but I'll miss it.


Katie said...

Wow! That looks so good! I know what mean about being away for three weeks - I always have a hard time with that when we go to Spokane.

Audra said...

That looks SO GOOD!!! I try to do a garden every year... but every year I fail! This year is my year of not trying because I am so darn busy, but maybe next year! Yours looks amazing!