23 October 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yes, we now live in the civilized world; the kids had their first visit to a pumpkin patch.
Not one where pumpkins actually grow, obviously!

19 October 2009


They love their potties. They love their underwear. They love washing and flushing, and all that good stuff. They just won't actually GO in the potty. Sigh. Trying to make this week really focused and I turned around just now to see this (not posed).

CVS Mommy Style

Some of you may have seen my Facebook posts about CVS lately. I've been wanting to blog about it but never seem to get around to it. I starting CVSing at the beginning of the summer, back in Gainesville. Took a break for a couple of weeks when I had Jeb, but it was the first thing that got me out of the house with all three kids. I had Extra Care Bucks expiring, and I just couldn't let that happen.

This picture is what I got today for $2.55.

I also spent $17.50 in ECB, but I got $19.99 ECBs back.

My pre-tax total was 36.46.

Here's how it happened:

$5.00 off because I took the flu quiz and printed a $5/25 coupon.
$4.00 off the Robitussin ($2.00 on each bottle)
$4.00 off the Dimetapp ($2.00 on each bottle)
$3.50 off the Scented Reed Diffusser (internet coupon now dead)

That's $16.50 off, leaving $19.96. I paid $17.50 in ECB from past weeks, leaving $2.46. add $0.09 in tax and my cash total was $2.55.

I got back $10.00 ECB for buying the cold meds, $6.99 ECB for buying the Scented Reed Diffusser, and, best of all, $3.00 ECB for buying the milk!

The ad said get $3 ECB when you buy 2 General Mills Cereals and 1 gallon of milk, but I knew from this week's CVS thread on Slickdeals that it would trigger on just 3 gallons of milk and no cereal. I could have used coupons on the cereal and gotten a technically better deal, but good deals on cereal are MUCH easier to find than good deals on milk and we go through milk a lot faster!

So, here's my CVS deal for the week. They were out of the Sense & Spray that I have $4 coupons for, so I may check back later in the week or check the store across town. Or I may not. That's why I call it "Mommy Style." A diehard CVSer would have only bought enough to get to $25 and bought the rest at the other store if they had the Sense & Spray. That way you could use 2 $5/25 coupons (one at each store). I, on the other hand, was just happy to get through one trip without the baby waking up, Elizabeth running off, or Amelia killing herself (she did fall out of the basket). I also don't always get hot items because the sales start on Sunday and I don't shop until Monday.

But I think I still did pretty good!

14 October 2009

One Month Old (yesterday)

Hey, um, sleeping here, do ya mind?

Whoa, watch the flash!

Not happy about this!

07 October 2009

Jeb's first bath

Amelia was so traumatized by NICU baths that she HATED water for most of her first year. We mostly did sponge baths and then I nursed her in the bathtub for a long time. So it wasn't until today that Jeb got more than a sponge bath.
Just hanging out, with no idea of what is about to happen.
Surprise! Didn't bother him a bit!
Until afterward.

02 October 2009

A Girl of Many Talents!

Elizabeth has discovered the joys of taking pictures. We'd post a picture of her taking pictures, but we can't because she has the camera. Suffice to say, she has the biggest grin on her face when she does it, and says "Smile!" a lot.

She has a pretty good accuracy rate as well. For the most part she is able to get her subject in the frame, unless she is being silly and just snapping away.

Daddy and Jeb

Amelia was sooooo tired!

The next several are part of a series. Elizabeth took them in this order. She did this a couple of different times, and it was her idea each time. We didn't know she did it until after we unloaded the camera.