02 October 2009

A Girl of Many Talents!

Elizabeth has discovered the joys of taking pictures. We'd post a picture of her taking pictures, but we can't because she has the camera. Suffice to say, she has the biggest grin on her face when she does it, and says "Smile!" a lot.

She has a pretty good accuracy rate as well. For the most part she is able to get her subject in the frame, unless she is being silly and just snapping away.

Daddy and Jeb

Amelia was sooooo tired!

The next several are part of a series. Elizabeth took them in this order. She did this a couple of different times, and it was her idea each time. We didn't know she did it until after we unloaded the camera.


lindsey said...

thats really cute that she lined up her princesses in order for a photo shoot :)

Ashley said...

That is so totally rad. Way to go Elizabeth!

Katie said...

So fun. It is always awesome to see the world through their eyes.

Kathy said...

Hey Christie. If you want a fairly inexpensive gift idea for Elizabeth for Christmas, Fisher Price make a cute digital camera for kids. Ella has one and she loved taking pictures with it when she was younger. Angie used to download them and print them for Ella and she was so proud! And it kept her camera free so that she could take pictures of Ella taking pictures!

Audra said...

I am impressed! That is so cute!