06 May 2010

Need your travel tips

I was talking to a friend about our upcoming 24+ hour trip to North Carolina and she suggested going to the dollar store, spending 20 bucks, and pulling out a surprise every hour. Definitely an idea I want to implement...just have to find a time I can go without the kids, which may be a challenge (or it may just have to be a little less of a surprise). Anyway, I got to thinking about what kind of things I could get from the dollar store (probably Dollar Tree) that would be interesting to a 2 year and a 4 year old buckled into carseats for eternity. I thought I would write about it here, both to remember and to get input from family and friends. Would also appreciate being talked out of/warned about things that may seem like a good idea, but have hidden drawbacks (For instance, I thought of balloons, but then I realized they might migrate up front and distract the driver)

edible treats
-Koolaid single serve packets and water bottles
-various things that we can count out 100 of and then eat
glo sticks
art supplies
-glitter pens
-kids' scissors
-glue sticks
spray bottles or squirt guns(I might be asking for trouble on this one)
beading (definitely asking for trouble, right?)*
musical instruments
postcards/cards to decorate and send along the way
will bath crayons work on windows?

UGH...just realized we also have to drive BACK...make that 48+ hours of travel

*Thought of a much better idea! Fruit Loops and yarn

05 May 2010

Amelia feeding Jeb video

Trying and trying to get this to post. Maybe this Photobucket link will work.

Amelia feeding Jeb

Even better is the fact that after this she dropped the glass jar on the tile and it shattered. Fun times.
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03 May 2010

Garden Stirfry

Sugar snap peas, bell pepper, yellow squash, and cherry tomatoes
Every bit of it from the garden!