06 May 2010

Need your travel tips

I was talking to a friend about our upcoming 24+ hour trip to North Carolina and she suggested going to the dollar store, spending 20 bucks, and pulling out a surprise every hour. Definitely an idea I want to implement...just have to find a time I can go without the kids, which may be a challenge (or it may just have to be a little less of a surprise). Anyway, I got to thinking about what kind of things I could get from the dollar store (probably Dollar Tree) that would be interesting to a 2 year and a 4 year old buckled into carseats for eternity. I thought I would write about it here, both to remember and to get input from family and friends. Would also appreciate being talked out of/warned about things that may seem like a good idea, but have hidden drawbacks (For instance, I thought of balloons, but then I realized they might migrate up front and distract the driver)

edible treats
-Koolaid single serve packets and water bottles
-various things that we can count out 100 of and then eat
glo sticks
art supplies
-glitter pens
-kids' scissors
-glue sticks
spray bottles or squirt guns(I might be asking for trouble on this one)
beading (definitely asking for trouble, right?)*
musical instruments
postcards/cards to decorate and send along the way
will bath crayons work on windows?

UGH...just realized we also have to drive BACK...make that 48+ hours of travel

*Thought of a much better idea! Fruit Loops and yarn


Babykitty said...

They have Window FX markers by crayola. they are the bomb. make cards with pictures on it. when they spot the thing they can put a sticker on the picture. (ie Cows, fence, tree, flower, semi, ) when the card is full you can give them a prize (wrapped, could be a thing for thier hair, toy) i would steer clear of bubbles in the car unless you can get the no spill bottles, can you just see spill bubble juice in the car seat) hand held video games, portable dvd player and headphones.

Ashley said...

Ugh, we are going to try to do most of our driving while the kids are sleeping, but that's not really an option for you. I was going to look into some color forms stickers to use on the windows. In the past I've used a cookie sheet and different magnets for them to play with (ABCs, shapes, pictures of people we are going to see with a magnet glued to the back)

If you can't make it to the store without the kids it might be to your benefit. If they see the exciting stuff you get, they will be excited about the trip and you can use the items as a bribe. If they are good for 20 minutes looking at a book, then they get one of the things you bought.

You could get those balloons attached to a rubber band that they can hit with their fist.

Glo sticks are a big hit, but just make sure no one bites them.

Good luck! The way there is always much easier than the way home!

lindsey said...

Lily loves her doodle pad.. I am planning to get a travel size one for our flight. Dvd player has to be the way to go for that long of a trip. Mom will mail you hers (she offered it to me) but it only has one screen. Lily is really into actual coloring books... she likes to try and color in the lines. I'd say no glitter pens for messy purposes... Maybe a photo album with pictures of cousins to quiz them. (and a skittle when they get one right) that game could go on for hours. :)

Audra said...

Ok, first the things I think you should NOT bring:
-bubbles (you will have a sticky soapy car, it could distract the drive, and even if they do not spill them they will get your car and windows sticky and soapy)
-glitter pens (those suckers wont come out of car seats and clothes all the time)
-glue sticks (again, not an easy clean up unless your girls are awesome at containing things and using those)
-spray bottles or squirt guns (trouble... big trouble)
-beading (fruit loops and string are A LOT better of an idea)
-will bath crayons work on windows (unless it is easy to reach their windows from car seats this could be problematic and you have to clean it off to get a blank slate, so I would say paper would be better)

Now ideas:
-The cookies sheet/magnet ideas is good. The cookies sheets can also be used as a "table" to color and and they do sell small ones at dollar tree (or at least they used to)
-If they are into babies you can buy a $1 baby doll and some accessories and give them an accessory every hour to "refresh" the new baby. If they are more into stuffed animals they also have bears there. Thay have clothes for both the bears and the babies, bottles, $1 blankets, and even a diaper bag! I saw these last night when I went with Ruby. The Diaper bag might be good to keep crafts in too because it has a big main pocket and 2 or 3 little pockets on the side.

I will let you know if I get any other ideas!

Oh, and unless they really need to run around, always eat in the car because that is like a 1/2 hour where they are entertained :)

Ashley said...

Yeah, go to a mcdonalds or whatever and let them run around and then get their food and eat it in the car

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

I wish my memory was better- we made that California to Mississippi trip every year with our little ones and I can't remember what we did. I have ideas for older kids but cannot remember anything from the young years. I don't remember being that clever (you've got some good advice so far) but I also don't remember the trips being too bad. I know we tried to drive through the nights too (we made the trip straight through- 36 hours) and just can't remember it being too bad. We sang alot and played some "I spy" type games but don't know what else. Maybe Ray remembers it differently but I know our kids became super travelers after all those trips.

Christie said...

Thanks, everyone, for all the great ideas! Elizabeth had a Primary activity today, so I "only" had the younger two with me when I went to Dollar Tree. Got a bunch of junk that they'll love.

Pat...kids today are just soft! LOL, seriously, though...I know when I was this young we weren't buckled in all the time, let alone in carseats. That changes the dynamic some.

James said...

I think we had to start navigating about the time we were Scout age... Cubs even. Not full time, but to learn (and keep us busy, too, I guess).