08 April 2010

When I need to smile I go out to the backyard

My garden makes me smile. There's always something new to see. These pictures are not quite a month after the first ones.
Finally got a zuchinni plant to come up! With all the jokes about how easy it is to grow, I've just never had much luck. This was my 3rd attempt...1st one was at the same time as the yellow squash below.

Look at all those blossoms!

My biggest tomatoes
Cherry tomato cluster

Look at that Roma tomato plant! 10-11 tomatoes per cluster! Such a change after my shady garden in Pyote.

Not too easy to get to the cucumbers behind the pepper cages (note for next year), but I'm excited at how well they are doing.

Banana peppers

Anaheim peppers

The last of the lettuce still hanging on in the warm weather

Wait! Where did my baby go!

Yeah, Mom, I'm ready to drive!

Amelia showing Jeb how to put the key in the ignition...
...and turn it.

What do you mean 6 months is too young? Off I go!

LOVE Amelia's hair on the trampoline!
Every morning Elizabeth picks out her clothes and runs out of the bedroom, screaming "Is this a good match?"

The girls think it is fun to play "catch" by lying down on the ground and having me lob a ball so that it comes straight down on them.
Yeah, our backyard is a pretty fun place to be these days!


Sharon said...

Your pictures made me smile too. Although I am jealous that we are about 3 months behind in having our gardens look like yours. We are hoping for a high of 64 today and low of 25 tonight. Your beautiful children are growing up so much. I would love to see them sometime.

Merf said...

i love the variety you have planted---we've got tomatoes and basil---love texas for having 2 seasons to plant!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I am SO excited to see you guys next month! I love Elizabeth's "is this a good match?" That is so cute! I would love to grow all sorts of peppers - yummy! Make me some salsa will ya? ;)

Katie said...

Ahhh, I love your garden. Good job!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man! I'm so jealous that you guys can plant so early & can already see the fruits (literally) of your labors. I can't even plant, plant here. I'm starting them all from starters and planting them in May.

Lovely garden pics too