17 April 2010

Today's harvest

Romaine lettuce and leaf lettuce (been cutting leaves off for salads for weeks now but it's getting hot so I'm starting to harvest whole heads)
2 cucumbers (vines have almost reached the top of the 6 ft trellis!)
3 tomatoes (1 accidental)
1 hot banana pepper (probably too soon...looked yellower in the garden)
1 Anaheiem pepper (was getting a soft brown spot so I picked it)
1 lonely sugar snap pea pod (plants got eaten up earlier and just now starting to recover)
1 yellow squash


Merf said...

you totally grew a salad!

Christie said...

Yup, and having it for dinner tonight!

Katie said...

Looks great!

Sharon said...

That is so exciting! We are hoping to be able to plant ours this week. I have tomatoes growing in the house that are crying to get outside.

Audra said...

Your garden is awesome! I gave up this year... maybe next year! But I am proud of you!

Olivia Carter said...

Jealous! Looks lovely!

Anonymous said...
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