20 June 2008

The difference a month makes!

We forgot to post the 10 month picture of Amelia with Jeb, so now you get a two-fer!

10 Months:
Looks like she having a conversation with Jeb.

11 Months:

She's pulling up on things, moving all over the place. She has her own way of crawling. She was standing next to Jeb but the camera wasn't fast enough.

So next month will be her birthday! She's practicing already, at least with the birthday cake.

Step 1: Wait for Mommy to get some cake.

Step 2: Grab as much cake as you can from Mommy.

Step 3: Cram it in your face. Most will go in your mouth. Some will go in your nose, but that's OK. Most of your sense of taste really comes from smell, so it's all good. Ears and eyes don't work so well, so try to avoid them.


Ash said...

So cute! Man, I cannot wait to meet that little girl!

Audra said...

Cute girls! I love the piggies! Jovie wont keep hers in!