08 September 2009

These blogs don't update themselves, son!

Some pictures for catching up:

We were given a sectional sofa right after we moved in. The girls love it. Elizabeth insists on sleeping on it at night if she can get away with it.

Daddy now has a job where he can bring the family in to work. It takes a bout 75 minutes to get there, depending on traffic, but he only goes twice and is there all day when he does.

We took a family trip to see the office and take the college books out of the house. We probably need to do another trip!

Amelia loves her monkey. So does Elizabeth. The monkey went with both girls when they each got sick and had to go to the ER because it was a weekend night.

They both enjoyed the faculty lounge. Elizabeth loves to twirl her hair sometimes.

Elizabeth trying to figure out where all the books will go.

I have a corner office! An inside corner, but a corner. The guy across from me brings in a baby peacock and has a toy train in his office.

Time to leave! The stains on Daddy's clothes came from when the moving truck blew an oil line.


Olivia Carter said...

So glad you guys are back to blogging! I've been wondering how you were doing. I love the couch! I need a new couch like it's my job.

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Thanks for an update James, we've missed hearing from you guys. And times are only going to get more busy and crazy soon. The girls are such cuties and I'm sure they love going to your office and "helping" get it together.

Ashley said...

That couch looks super comfy - I'd probably sleep on it too!

The kids like going to Roy's office, and I like that it is only 5 minutes away!

Keep the updates coming!!

Audra said...

The couch and office look nice! I am glad for the updates! I have missed your blog :)! I think it is great you can visit his office, but boy is that far! But the 2 days a week thing must be nice!

Christie said...

Well, he only goes to that campus 2days a week, but he goes in to the adjunct office here in town 2 days a week to work on his online stuff. Fridays are mostly off except for a new faculty thing in the middle of the day and/or meetings most weeks.

James said...

My office is only about 50 miles away. The problem is all the school zones along the way. I made it an hour this morning, so it isn't all that bad. The adjunct office in town is just a few miles down the road.