14 September 2009

Here's Jeb!

We're waiting at the hospital to be released. Yet another delay... nothing wrong with Jeb, just some communication failures with the hospital staff. I might have to cancel my night class as well as my morning classes.

In case anyone wonders why Elizabeth doesn't look happy, she hates doctors, hospitals, and anything that looks medical, so she was really freaking out being there. The fact that she wanted to see her baby brother is the only reason why she was even in the room. She sure loves her baby brother! Amelia on the other hand is completely ok with doctors and such. Kinda weird considering she was the one in the NICU for over 2 months.





mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Beautiful pictures. The girls are so sweet and now to add a darling little boy to the mix... Congratulations!

Audra said...

What a WHOPPER! (Compared to you last one)! He is a keeper! Looks like a mini-James to me! How fun! What is his middle name again?

Congrats!! He is a cutie-pie! What a relief he made it to the end!

grandma blair said...

Congratulations to you, your family is growing, what a cute little guy, I love his name.

Katie said...

I bet it has to be so strange (and wonderful!) bringing that big boy home. Hope JEB and mommy are doing well.

Merf said...

what a cute family! congratulations!