30 October 2007

My sister Katie says I have to have a blog

We'll see how much I manage to post typing one-handed as Amelia nurses!

My newest hobby is finding deals.

Free Juicy Juice


$5 off Tylenol, etc products (makes many free)


Tomorrow I'll try to post pics of the AWESOME clown costumes my mom made.


Patti M. said...

I have started about 90 of them, ok, 4, and never could get into it. Good luck! And thatnks for the deals! :)

Ash said...

I said you have to have a blog too! Yay, now all the Jeppson girls are on the web! Looking forward to seeing the clown costumes.

Ash said...

Heh, Roy said you should call your blog the "Blair witch project". You guys should have been witches for halloween. Har. Har.

James said...
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James said...

Blair Witch... yeah I heard that a million times when I was subbing. The kids actually said it out of respect, though.

Stupid movie, actually. Go rent the Hair Witch Project for a funny spoof.

Audra said...

I don't have a blog... and I am a Jeppson... haha... I knew what you meant. I would blog but I can not put enough pictures on a blog page, so I shutterly instead, that is my sorta journal/blog. Maybe one day.

Christie said...

Yeah, Audra, I was going to start harping on you now that I have one...then move on to Sabina.

Actually, I think Levi should have one!

Katie said...

Wow! I was going to come on here and get the first comment and I get the 8th!

I was very fortunate with the nursing with one hand thing, because the job I was doing right before Colin was born required me to type with only one hand, so I got pretty good at it - just in time!

Woohoo for another blogger in the family!

missionarymom said...

I'm glad your on the blog wagon! I love the other daughters' blogsand Olivia's also!

Dad and I were saying that we should get a blog...as soon as something exciting happens. Don't hold your breath!

I love your new hobby, but Kmart doesn't like it! I printed at least 1,000 coupons and I have one left over and I will use that one today!

Looking forward the clown pics! I'll get on the witch Blair project :) for next year.

Michael said...

i hate blogging. i've started it several times just can't seem to get into it. had to blog for a class hated it.

Michael said...

oops forgot the loginsays michael but it's really me heather as if mike would blog orplay on the internet.

Chritie remeber the halloween we got costumes from the d.i. and made carmel apples for the missionaries except for dummar and his was a caremel onion?

lindsey said...

our stupid kmart wouldnt take the coupons.. i woulda fought it but lily was fussy and seth had to work early the nwxt morning... etc. anyway oh well