27 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Elizabeth had been so enamored of stacking/restacking and distributing/redistributing the Christmas presents that we had to take them from under the tree and lock them up in the library for a while.
On Christmas Eve we let her put them back under the tree.

As you can see, they didn't stay under the tree for long. Both girls got tons of enjoyment from all their gifts while they were still (mostly) wrapped.

As bedtime approached we let them open their matching Princess PJs and Daddy read The Christmas Story (I can't wait until they're old enough to start acting it out!).

Elizabeth was determined NOT to go to bed. She was not leaving her treasure hoarde! We let her sleep like this for a couple of hours before Daddy carried her to bed, protesting loudly even half-asleep!

But of course she had to go to bed so Santa could work his magic. (Pretty gender-balanced for a house of 2 little girls, don't you think?)


Audra and Levi said...

We got that car set for Silas too! We have not opened it yet though... I keep meaning to.

The pictures are so cute and that is so funny that they had so much fun with wrapped gifts!

Ashley said...

That is funny how much they liked their wrapped gifts. I can't wait to be at our house next year so I can do Christmas the way I want to do it.

lindsey said...

i can see day after thanksgiving written all over that. we got that table for lily... but cars version and i wanted to get her that doll set but we weren't close to a walmart. looks like fun.

Christie said...

Yup, Lindsey...Black Friday and Wal-Mart.