03 May 2009

Is this the face of Swine Flu?

No, this is the face of a little girl who can't possibly understand why she didn't get to go to Sunbeams today.

After enduring Sacrament Meeting, to come straight home was pure torture, especially since Mommy and Daddy had been saying all morning that she was going to get to go to Sunbeams today!

We got to Church this morning only to find out that all the meetings for the week have been cancelled after Sacrament Meeting today. Can you believe it? The decision was made by the Stake President late last night. Our Relief Society President said he was getting tons of phone calls from worried members. I know him (he was my singles' ward Bishop when I was first teaching) and he's not the kind of person to panic, so I guess he really must have been hearing from a lot of hysterical members. I also have to remember that the stake stretches down much closer to DFW so probably most of the worry came from those areas.

We let the girls run around a little outside once Elizabeth finally got out of the van (she insisted we rebuckle her carseat and shut the door!). Her tights are probably ruined, but oh well.


Ashley said...

When we first moved to Kirksville they had the nursery closed for 3 weeks because of an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth. Blaise was pretty ticked and by the time he got to go back to nursery he didn't want to go!

How long are they going to have meetings canceled? Pretty crazy.

James said...

Supposedly just for this week. TYC canceled all visitation statewide this weekend, except they waited until about 4 PM to announce that the caseworkers would call all the families. I had a lot of juveniles coming to the Security unit mad because "his rights" were being violated thinking it was being done just to mess with him.

Katie said...

That IS torture. Poor Elizabeth. Can't believe how crazy people have been going over it - but I guess it is kinda nice to have people be extra safe and make those decisions for you so you don't have to worry.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh so sad! Syd would be sad if she didn't get to go to nursery after getting all ready for it.

My babies are both nightmares in Sacrament Meeting saying, "want to go to church!" I say, "we're at church" and they are like, "no we're not! This is boring!"


Audra said...

Poor little thing! Seriously SO dissapointing! We call it "class" for Jovie! She seems to accept it more if she feels like she is going to something "big". After the itnermediate hymn last Sunday we sat back down and she says, "I thought we go to class now!" With a little disapointed look on her face! She thought it was the closing hymn and she had more than enough!