13 July 2009

Our future home!

We're approved for the rental house. I just have to turn in the last of the paperwork and the rent/deposit check tomorrow and we're set. I can also get utilities scheduled while I'm still down here, as well as get some stuff taken care of for work (temporary parking tag, get the textbooks for class, touch base with the internet class guru, etc.).

We're moving in on July 31st. The Landlady is being nice and letting us skip the prorated rent for the extra day. So we get to move in when we can get help from our new ward. I visited yesterday and they were already trying to call dibs on me in priesthood. Of course, my "other dad" got a jump on the others and submitted my name for a calling *two months ago*.

As I said, the church is walking distance away, and it's in a nice neighborhood. My other parents are a couple of streets away, and I can get to the main roads pretty quick. It's almost a straight shot to the main campus (about 4 miles away), and a few streets away from the main rout to the highway that will take me to my initial assigned campus.

We'll be paying $900 for a 1534 sq ft house with plenty of room for the girls to play and for Christie and I to stash our stuff. OK, Ok, here's the pictures:

Front of the house. There's a lime tree in front with fruit on the branches. The garage fits two cars and has an automatic opener. Fancy!

The kitchen. Lots of cabinet and counter space.

Another view of the kitchen.

Dining area next to the kitchen. Some of the kitchen counter can also be used for eating if we get some stools. Outside the bay windows is the sun room.

The sun room. It faces east, so it doesn't get the sun in the hot afternoon. The girls will have their toys in here, so they can play and still come to the kitchen for lunch or whatever (Amelia is always running back and forth getting graham crackers). The sun room was added when the original porch was enclosed.

Living room right off of the kitchen. We can actually have the living room not also be the dining room for once!

One of the bedrooms. All of the bedrooms have walk-in closets with double layers of hanger rods and shelves. All rooms have ceiling fans, as well as cable and phone connection points. One will be the girls' room, and the other will be the library/office/sewing room until Jeb is big enough to need his own room.

Main bathroom

Master bathroom. The shower was just re-done.

And there it is! Things went so much smoother this time. Except for a navigation error trying to drop off the first batch of paperwork (ya miss one number and you end up across town instead of around the corner.... I could have walked the paperwork over!).

This is happening! New job, new house. We're being so blessed with this!


Ashley said...

So exciting! I love the new place!

Katie said...

Looks great! I am so glad that everything is running smoothly for you.

Matt and Courtney said...


Audra said...

HOORAY! And what a cute house! Love it!!! It looks so nice and spacious and the floors look easy to clean! HOORAY!

grandma blair said...

We are so excited for you and your family. What a great home, job and neighborhood. Congratulations.

dlriley said...

great house!!!

Olivia Carter said...

Hooray! that's so great- I adore the tile all over!

Mom B said...

We're so happy things have worked out so well for you. We'll miss you at the reunion but hope to see you next year if not before!

Merf said...

the house looks great! what a wonderful set-up for you and your little family---soon to be plus one more!

Merf said...

the house looks great! what a wonderful set-up for you and your little family---soon to be plus one more!