18 October 2010

South Padre Island Oct 2010

Jeb was having the greatest time trying to throw Amelia's shoes in the ocean. I wish I'd gotten more video of before I alerted her; he was just cracking up when it was only me stopping him, trying again and again!
We had a ton of fun this weekend, even though the kids and I are all coming down with colds. Jeb and Amelia both liked the ocean a lot better than back in May. Neither of them could keep up with Elizabeth, however, so Saturday night James took them out to dinner while Elizabeth and I stayed out in the water just as long as she wanted to. It was great for her not to be held back by the "babies" and play to her heart's content. It was also great for me to only have 1 kid to keep my eye on, so I could actually enjoy the water myself.

We stayed at the hotel that was being built outside our windows last October. Love the pool and hot tubs. The part with a waterfall is a 1 ft deep kiddie area.

Saturday morning I took the kids to the Sea Turtle rescue center. I was surprised at how much Amelia loved it. She keeps going on and on about the sea turtles and how they got hurt. I guess it shouldn't surprise me as she loves to examine our bodies and tenderly ask about "owies." I just didn't realize how much she was listening and retaining as I rambled on about what they were seeing.

We headed over the the birding center after that, but it was getting warm outside, Jeb needed a nap, and we didn't have much time before meeting James for lunch, so we ended up just taking a quick look at the butterfly garden.

Of course the kids loved the hotel room. Jeb made sure all of the valuables were accounted for.
They are begging to go back. Elizabeth says we are going when it's Friday again. I'm sure she'd love to spend every weekend there!

Sunrise from our hotel room.

Elizabeth watching the sunrise.


Ashley said...

Looks like a great trip. I'm aching to just pack up the kids and head somewhere - just to get a break from the regular daily grind. Wish we lived closer to a beach!

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Such a beautiful place. Glad you all had a great time. How far is it from where you live?

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

It looks like you had a great time. We got to go to the beach last week, but only for an hour. Cute kids.

Christie said...

It's about and hour and a half, Pat.

Audra said...

The pictures are great... from all the posts I had not seen yet! We are debating on taking the kids to the beach in 2 weeks. Your post makes me kind of want to now :)