12 September 2008

Rough evening for Elizabeth

First Daddy left for a scout training overnighter. Then she fell off her bed into a laundry basket, which isn't unusual and she rarely even makes a peep. But this time she busted her lip open and was crying like crazy. It took mulitple ice pops to make it all better. Then we got in the van to go somewhere (take dinner to a family in the branch with a new baby) but she hadn't had a nap, so was so tired that she fell right asleep and woke up when we got home...some trip! And we just had a rattlesnake on our front porch last night so I'm not ready to let them play outside right now. So with a busted lip the enchilada casserole and spanish rice I made for dinner didn't go over so well and she was already upset over the short nap/trip. Poor baby. But Mommy made it all better.
Here she is with ice cream, watching Cinderella, which she hasn't seen in months. I just had a feeling a visit from an old friend might help and I'm getting a little sick of Bob the Builder.

Wish me luck getting them both down tonight.


Olivia Carter said...

Good luck! I'm so sorry about her poor lip! That's the worst!

Katie said...

That's a fun picture. Some day she is going to look at it and know that her mommy loves her.

Ash said...

I hate those days when they don't take a nap and then fall asleep in the car - especially when it's a super short errand!

I should hide a few movies for a month or two and see what happens! :)

We went to the "big city" yesterday (90 miles away) and the kids slept the whole way there...which means they didn't sleep on the way home and we didn't get home till 10!! And they still got up at 6:30 - UGH!

I hope your night went okay!

Christie said...

I got both girls to sleep by 10pm and I count that as a victory. Of course we didn't get up until 9am, so I guess that's the difference.