02 September 2008

I made a beanbag!

Yes, one beanbag. That's all the girls have let me finish so far. I'm making them out of a couple of old pillowcases James' mother gave us. And by old, I mean at least 20 years old, so I'm using 2 layers of fabric to make sure they're sturdy. Actually, the plain green side has 4 layers, because that's the edge of the pllowcase and it already had 2 layers. The beans were given to us by a family friend trying to rotate her food storage when we were first married.

Very pleased with the prototype. Amelia is holding/patting it as she nurses right now. Elizabeth and I had a grand game of "catch" aleady (nevermind the fact that she doesn't get the concept of trying to catch it and she LOVES when it hits her...sensory seeking, remember?). One little beanbag and both girls were as thrilled as if it were Christmas.


Ash said...

LOL - you better make another before they learn to fight over it! Maybe I need to pull out the one little beanbag we have!

Audra & Levi said...

That is cool! I like the colors! Not bad for an old pillowcase!