31 August 2008

Worldwide Commotion

from "The Day Dawn is Breaking" Hymn 52

The worldwide commotion, from ocean to ocean
Now heralds the time of the beautiful day.

This is what popped into my mind as I was exploring new features on FamilySearch Labs, which showcases new family history technologies that aren't ready for prime time. Basically, it's the sneak peek at what they are working on for the new FamilySearch website which many of you (NC folks) just got access to.

Anyway, as I was exploring the options to look at the progress on names I had submitted to the temple I gained a greater appreciation for the worldwide nature of this great work we are a part of. Take a peek with me, at just a couple of ancestors to illustrate the concept.

Alexander Liddle was born 12 Dec 1822 to John Thomas Liddle and Nancy Robinson in Schenectady County, New York. He was the younger brother of my 5th great grandfather, John Guilbert Liddle.

A few months ago I was in new FamilySearch and saw that his temple work had not been done. I felt moved to submit his name to the general temple file. A few clicks of the mouse and it was done. At least, my part was done. The worldwide commotion was just beginning!

On 25 Apr 2008 his baptism was performed in the Boston Massachusetts Temple.
On 3 May 2008 his confirmation was performed in the Reno Nevada Temple.
On 23 May 2008 his initiatory was performed in the Mesa Arizona Temple.
On 11 Jun 2008 his endowment was performed in the Manhattan New York Temple.
On 25 Jun 2008 he was sealed to his wife in the Lubbock Texas Temple.

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Thomas Milton Teegardin is an even more distant relative. His wife, Cora B. Keirns is my 1st cousin 4 times removed. Her grandparents, John E. Deffenbaugh and Anna Parshall are my 4th great grandparents. Anyway, he's another one that I submitted to general temple file. He was born in Putman County, Ohio on 6 Sep 1874.

On 14 Jun 2008 his baptism was performed in the Campinas Brazil Temple.
On 18 Jul 2008 his confirmation was performed in the Porto Alegre Brazil Temple.
On 21 Aug 2008 his initiatory was performed in the Lubbock Texas Temple.

His endowment card has been printed and is at some temple, somewhere in the world. How exciting to watch and see if it will be the temple next door (Lubbock) or halfway across the world!

And all because of a few clicks of the mouse in Pyote, Texas. (Ok, maybe there was a little bit of research over the years as well) What a great time to be alive!


Ash said...

We had our "5th sunday" lesson yesterday all about the new family search. I'm really going to try and set aside some time each week to get on there and figure it out and see what sort of things I can contribute.

Jamie said...

That is really cool!