05 August 2008

Found the weak point in our food storage


I have a well-stocked pantry (though we still need to get organized with a real food storage plan) and that's a good thing because I can't just run to the store very easily.

There's something about summer that inspires me to bake. Last night I made homemade rolls with white bean soup. I also started a new sourdough starter, wanting bread to go with a white bean puree recipe I was going to try. Well, guess what I discover today as I go to do the next step with the starter?

We are 100% out of flour!

And last night Amelia was struggling with a cold so I slept the first part of the night in the recliner and 15 lbs 9 oz is a lot when it's right on your chest, so we then tossed and turned the rest of the night in bed and I woke up with a TERRIBLE crick in my neck and can't turn my head, so there's no way I'm driving to Monahans. Usually James can get off work if I'm sick or hurt, but for three weeks the caseworkers are taking over the school because they fired all the teachers and that started today.

And, yes, I would make bread even in pain...I had sourdough started when I ended up having Amelia.

Why, oh, why do I have a canister full of sugar, 2 five pound bags of sugar, and no stinkin' flour! Probably because the GV packaging in so similar for flour and sugar. Grrrr!

Sorry, just had to vent a bit...I think my pain meds are wearing off.

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Katie said...

I admire you. Baking is still something I totally and completely stink at. And am afraid of.