18 October 2008

Amelia's First Steps

Amelia has been obsessed with walking ever since she learned to crawl. We've spent the past few months walking around the house hunched over as we hold her hands and she walks all over the house. She is very insistent on walking and goes where she wants to go. There is no compromise with Amelia.

Last night, I got her to use a walking toy we received a while back for Elizabeth which was never used for walking. At first, Amelia didn't want to let go of my hand, so she walked around with one hand on my finger and one hand driving the toy. Then I showed some tough love and made her use both hands on the toy.

After some fussing, she discovered she could do it by herself, as fast as she wanted to. Steering isn't the greatest, but it was still all Amelia. So we got the camera to watch her.

And we caught her taking her first steps, not counting a few tries over the past few days that were more of a controlled crash than a true walk (though they were progress).

Amelia spent the rest of the night exploring her new mobility, before switching back to crawling or Daddy support because she was getting sleepy and fussy.


Ashley said...

Look at her go! What a cutie!

lindsey said...

wow thats cool you actually caught first steps. way to go amelia