11 October 2008

I love my Shark

We don't have a dining room and can't fit a table in the kitchen. Do you know what a pain it is to have a 1 year old and a 2 year old eating over carpet?! Add to that the fact that Elizabeth freaks out if I so much as approach the closet where the vacuum is kept and it's, well, a mess!

Enter the Shark cordless power sweeper. Even a slob like me finds it easy enough to pick up and do a quick sweep after each time we eat...at least now that I've made it a rule that we put all the toys away right before each meal. Our living room is so much more liveable now.


Ashley said...

I used to do the whole "put toys away before each meal" or at least put them away a few times a day, but lately they don't even get put away at night. Sigh. And I used to sweep after every meal, even though I don't have the carpet issue (what a pain!) but somehow I got out of that habit too. My kids are scared of the vacuum too, so our living room is usually pretty gross (especially around Violette's cage because the hay and food make a mess).

Meredith said...

david just saw this infomercial and ordered a shark! i showed him your blog about it---so now he is even more excited!