06 April 2009

The best thing about Gainesville

is definitely the park. There's a park like this in San Angelo that we've stopped at on the way from Pyote to Cove. I was so excited to see this one in Gainesville. It's probably half the size of the one in San Angelo, but that's good because I have enough trouble keeping track of Elizabeth in this one. There are so many places to run and climb...immensely better than your standard playground equipment.
The picture below is looking from the toddler swings toward the entrance of the Frank Buck Zoo. We've yet to take the girls there, but hopefully soon. We tried on day when admission was a "buck a head" but it was Spring Break and the whole town was there and I had already thrown up twice (and threw up once more before I got to the car) and we needed to leave to go out of town that day, so we got there and decided not to battle the crowds.

Elizabeth insisted on pushing Amelia in the swing. Good thing she's a toughie and doesn't cry when the swing hits her.
The swings are Amelia's favorite. Actually, a lot of the stuff is too big for Amelia to play on but she does GREAT on the swings. Even big kid swings. She can just hold on and swing forever. Or, if she's in the mood, she'll swing for a few minutes, yell "All Done!" then run over to the next (identical) swing and insist on being lifted up again. All of the swings are quite high off the ground and I do worry that I won't be able to lift them (especially Elizabeth) safely too much longer.

Climbing activities like this are right up Elizabeth's alley. Great way to work the large muscle groups and very organizing for her. Amelia likes to think that she could do it too, if only Mommy would cooperate.

I have to be waiting for Amelia at the top of the slide because the crazy girl will run straight off the edge. Look at that face!

When Amelia isn't on the swings, she's usually trying to figure out how to climb over things. They discovered that the balance beam makes a fun horsey/teeter totter type thing if they sit on opposite ends.

One more activity on the way back to the van. What is Elizabeth doing with those branches?
Tearing them apart to put down the storm drain, of course!


Katie said...

Very fun pictures, and it looks like a great park. Glad to see you blogging again.

Ashley said...

We had a park exactly like this in Davis - it was so fun! But the last time we went there we kept seeing a huge rat running around, so it kind of freaked me out :) I especially liked going to this park when I had Roy there to help me out. It was hard to go there when I was pregnant because sometimes Rae would get stuck up in the structure and want my help. But before we moved when I was at my skinniest I was actually able to enjoy it.

Anyway, glad you have such a fun park and glad to see you blogging!

Ashley said...

And that looks like a great zoo - way cheaper than any zoos I've ever been to. I hope you get to go before you move (if you do)

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Yay! a post from Christie! I missed you!

Great pictures. And I love the park...I was going to tell you that there is a park in Davis; apparently, Ashley forgot I was there when we saw the rat.

Amelia and Elizabeth look so happy!
Oh, I miss them!

lindsey said...

glad to see you back online... that looks like a really fun park. lily is obsessed with the swings too. your girls are cute.

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, mom was there with us that time.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I looked at the pictures and this time I looked at the sky; wow, the sky is amazing! Beautiful!!!!

Audra said...

There is one like that in Mt. Airy, NC. It has some Andy Griffith themed stuff in it! The thing I love about it is that it is fenced in with only one exit, so one of us can keep an eye on it so no one can sneek out!

It looks like fun! Callie is my swining girl. She will swing all day!! But Jovie is scared to death! If I get tired of swinging Callie and she still wants to swing, she will stand next to the swing and hold onto it until a stranger helps her! I am always turnign around to see someone pushing their child AND Callie!

I am sorry you are puking! That is miserable! And the smell of animals may not help either! But I hope you are able to go!

Moving? Where? We missed that one!

Christie said...

James had a job interview for a criminal justice instructor position at South Texas College down in McAllen. We hope to hear within the next month.