24 February 2009



I got a priesthood blessing this morning while Christie was handing off the Family History Center keys. We then got down to house hunting and found a new place. The owner used to work for TYC so he knows the score, and he's trying to get us in a fast as possible, probably middle of next week. We extended the rental on teh moving truck to buy us some time and keep most of our plans intact. The EQ President of the Gainesville ward has offered us a place to park the truck, so we're good there.

New address: 1107 S. Howeth, Gainesville TX 76240

The girls will get to visit their 3 favorite doggies again. Thanks again to the Texas Jeppsons!

Granny is here to help with packing. Elizabeth is soaking up all the attention and is helping whole bunches. Amelia isn't feeling well, but she enjoys the extra attention when she is able.

My parents will try to come help with the unloading and/or unpacking depending on which day. The girls will get extra love from more grandparents.

I just filed reports on the previous rental company with BBB and HUD.

My tentative new supervisor is LDS (from a different ward) and he is aware of our situation. I should be able to take some time as needed for the move. Other than that, I was able to find out that my first week at work will be learning the ropes in the Security unit and filling in there until they get a replacement (unless I take it). Depending on the work schedule, this could be a nice change of pace.

Still a bit hectic, but at least we have a direction to jump while we're doing the leap of faith thing.


Katie said...

Yeah! I am so glad that things should work out okay. You guys have been in my prayers the last couple of days. I am sure this has all been very stressful.

Audra said...

WHEW!!! And Hooray! Man it has been crazy, but hopefully a good move all the way around!

Meredith said...

it was nice to able to see Linda...and the puppies were happy to play with their two favorite feeders and ball-throwers