04 February 2009

Jedi Academy

So I'm hanging out at the Coleman's, waiting for a job interview tomorrow and catching up on sleep and my Axia training. I'm also helping out with the Colin's Star Wars training. This includes figuring out Jedi names for everyone. Here's what we have so far:

Colin: COLCO WACHA of the planet Worm!

Gabe: COLGA WHCHA of the planet Worm!

Oliver: COLOL MOCHA of the planet Tylenol!

James: BLAJA FOCOP of the planet Pepto!

Chad: COLCH POCHA of the planet Roomba!

Katie: COLKA WICHA of the planet Chocolate!

Katie says she has the best name, or at least the best home planet. I think we also figured out why Oliver is so peppy all the time: Cola & Mochas!


Linda, Mom and Granny said...

My Jedi name is GRASI BLDEN. It suits me, don't you think?

Ashley said...

How'd the interview go?