12 February 2009

Elizabeth's Busy Day

Elizabeth had her 3 Year appointment at the doctor today. No shots were needed, but that didn't make the appointment any less a traumatic ordeal. The fix: Elizabeth's favorite food and most frequently requested shopping item.


Over at the mall, one of the shops clinging to life (the mall was barely surviving during the oil boom due to poor management) is a sweet shop with Blue Bell ice cream. Two scoops of Dutch Chocolate turned out to be two *big* scoops, but Elizabeth hadn't had lunch and had worked up an appetite playing on the nearby playground.

After ice cream, we headed to the other playground on the opposite side of the mall. Along the way is a large carousel. It was in use by another group of kids, so of course it captured Elizabeth's attention. We've always talked about letting Elizabeth ride, but now we're getting ready to leave the area. Plus Elizabeth had some money from Grandma and Grandpa Blair for her birthday and Valentine's day.

First time around Elizabeth enjoyed the spinning seats.

Elizabeth wanted another ride, and climbed up onto the horse herself. Such a big girl!

Elizabeth then went to the playground nearby, then hit the arcade next to it. Elizabeth loves the Deal or No Deal game. She won almost 160 tickets, which added to her previous winnings in the diaper bag came out to 400 tickets. After a few more rounds playing on the playground with the other kids, she picked her prize.

It's a giant crayon bank. Elizabeth is using it as a running stick in the picture. She ran the entire length of the mall back to the van. She had such a fun time she didn't mind leaving to do some quick shopping and come back home.

Once we got home, she went and got her piggy banks down from her dresser and emptied out the elephant one. She and Amelia have spent the evening putting the pennies in the crayon, dumping them out, then putting them back in.

Amelia can't wait for her next turn for a Daddy day!


Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'm sure by the end she had forgotten all about her doctor visit! My kids love to move money from piggy bank to piggy bank. We're going to have a problem when the next baby starts crawling!

Audra said...

That is so cute!!! Looks like a fun day too!!! That is a great prize! And there is a deal or no deal at the local Chuck e. Cheese's and Lettie loves it too!

Katie said...

How fun.