21 February 2009

Our New Home!

After a lot of searching and shaking our heads at just how lazy some of the rental companies are in Gainesville, we found a house which is within our budget that we can also live with.

A sample picture is below. Just reverse the image and you'll see what ours looks like. It's a duplex built townhome style. The entrances are set far apart so you forget that these are duplexes. This is the newest housing area in Gainesville (Google Earth doesn't even
View Larger Map">show it yet).

We'll be in 1610 Diamond Circle, Gainesville Texas 76240!

The house was built in 2005, and that is on the "older" side of the housing area. Several lots are still undeveloped.

Here's a floorplan for the house. We'll be in the left side.

Work is less than 4 miles east, and the church is about the same distance west. Super Wal-Mart is right up Grand Ave nearby. I-35 is just a short jaunt west. The Dallas temple is about an hour or so south. On the way to the chapel is a zoo and a city park with an awesome playground the girls both love.

Edit: Also, the girls have 3 doggies about an hours drive away that love playing with them. Thanks for the reminder, Aunt Merideth.

We went by the Gainesville Ward on Wednesday evening to try to sort out our (lack of) prospects up to that point, and saw the primary classrooms have class rosters posted. There are 8 Sunbeams, and most other primary classes are of similar size. Elizabeth found the Nursery, and we're guessing it will be about the same size (we didn't find a class list in there). There is a Family History Center in the Gainesville building. It's a nice building, and looks like one of the newer designs. They have baby changing stations in both bathrooms. Guess I'm still on the hook for diaper duty.

We're back in Pyote trying to pack up the house. We're planning to load the moving truck on Wednesday and be in our new home by Friday. Our exile is ending!


Katie said...

Looks GREAT! I am really excited for you. I am sure it will be nice to get back to civilization and I am sure Elizabeth will enjoy her new friends.

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I am donating a wife to support your move.

Ashley said...

That's a great place! I'm totally jealous about the garage!! How nice to be so close to everything - I am just so excited for you guys!

Olivia Carter said...

That place looks great! Good luck with the move- wish we were there to help!

Meredith said...

you neglected to mention that Chloe, Moe & Chip are just over an hour away from their two favorite little girls.

James said...

Fixed it. The girls sure love playing catch with the doggies.

Audra said...

That is a nice place!!! I am excited for you! And being close to a super Wal-mart is definately a HUGE plus!!! Oh and the being close to church, home, and the temple... that's good too!

Jamie said...

Looks great! Good luck with the move!