26 May 2008

Amelia was just falling asleep when the sirens went off

Bit of an interesting afternoon/evening yesterday. We have had almost no rain in forever...to the point where we actually broke down and started running the sprinkler regularly just to get some green in our yard. Well, yesterday it started raining and we were happy. Then the quarter-size hail started and we weren't so happy. The weather sirens went off and we turned on the TV to see we were under a tornado warning and surrounded by indications of rotation.

So we all got dressed down to our shoes and were ready to bolt into the storage closet if needed. James drove the van under a tree as that is the only protection from hail that we have. Through all of this the power was going out repeatedly. Fun, fun!

It all turned out fine, however. No damage and a LOT of rain to soak our soil and bring down the extreme fire danger just in time for Memorial Day BBQs!

Oh, and the price went back down on the flight we want to Charlotte this summer, so I put a hold on it and we'll be buying our tickets today! Quite a relief. I was just sick when prices went up.


Bob said...

We bought our tickets today. Most of the cheap tickets were gone.

Ash said...

Great, we're going to end up with expensive tickets because we can't buy ours till we know where we will be living!

Glad the weather didn't turn out too bad and you got some much needed rain!

The Sands Crew said...

gotta love the summer storms down here.