28 May 2008

Do you think she was tired?

This is how Elizabeth fell asleep for her nap today

And this is Amelia loving popcorn!


Katie said...

fun pictures! I can't wait to see them both in a couple of months.

lindsey said...

hey for some reason i can't find where your regular email is... but the details are iffy... they depend on if we can catch a flight from idaho falls to vegas or not... so if we can get that flight then we need a flight fri the 18th in the evening/ red eye and if not we need one out of salt lake evening/ red eye. i'll bug seth to get an exact time of his final that day so i know how early we can fly out.

Audra said...

Sorry I have not commented in awhile... I have been... well... busy! But the girls are SO CUTE and getting so big! I can not beleive Elizabeth slept like that! And I LOVE the RF pictures! Thay looks like so much fun! I love all the outfits too! And a beard does suit James well. Not everyone can pull of a beard, but he does!