15 May 2008

Move over, Cinderella....

.... Elizabeth has a new favorite. And she can say his name (almost).

"Bob Boe."

Elizabeth has really started talking lately, adding more and more words to her English vocabulary. Included is her favorite set of DVDs from Grandma: Bob the Builder. She'll ask for him by name, wanting to watch one of the two DVDs my mom found at a garage sale. The DVDs supposedly give you the option to either watch once or set it to loop continuously, but ours always end up looping. So Elizabeth can play the same video for several hours straight. I have the theme song stuck in my head. I have no idea how Christie doesn't go crazy. It's a cute show, and Elizabeth really loves things with wheels.

But in all fairness to Cinderella, Elizabeth did decide to watch her DVD this morning. It was stored in a Bob the Builder case, but she chose to put it in the DVD player. Cinderella is still a favorite, but not as much as "Bob Boe."

And lest anyone think that we just park Elizabeth in front of the DVD player, she does go outside quite often (when the weather isn't bad). She asks to go out quite often ("Go outside?"). When the weather is nice we tell her to go get her socks and shoes ("Shoes!") and she goes running to her room and brings back her shoes and tries to put them on herself. She's played in her pool several times this week, and has even convinced Amelia that it is fun to play in the water. Would you believe she got Amelia to enjoy baths now? We're going out for walks more often, and we usually end up at the playground when we do. She can climb on the spring horsey by herself and can even get it rocking by herself, but the slide is still her favorite by far. "One, Two, Three, Whoa!" She wants either Daddy of Mommy to go with her, but that's not a bad thing considering how tall the slide is. She'll join us in the counting (my dad got her started on that at the speilplatz in Copperas Cove) so she's getting a start on her numbers. She still knows "up" and "down" from the teeter totter.

Oh, and the DSL filter showed up yesterday while Christie was playing outside with the girls. They stayed out playing for a few more hours before they went in a Christie hooked up the internet again.


Mom said...

YAY! Your online again! Not that I didn't love your blogs, James! But I missed Christie. I would love, love, love to hear more from you, too!

Ash said...

Good weather = outside = happy kids.

Hot weather = inside = air conditioner = bored kids = high electric bill =


The Sands Crew said...

My boys renamed the princess movies to boy names so that it was cool to watch them. Sleeping Beauty became Prince Phillip and so on.