01 November 2008

More Halloween

I was the flower that the ladybug landed on, which turned out to be quite accurate as Amelia was fussy and clingy all night.


Elizabeth couldn't have cared less where Mommy and Daddy were all evening as she was in her element, playing with the big kids and just generally running around in the crowd. We probably should have kept a better eye on her, but James was busy running things and Amelia was glued to me, so we were just grateful Elizabeth was happy.

Even after everyone else was done with the "cookie walk" Elizabeth tried to keep going. I caught her drawing a "winning number."

During the "Trunk or Treat" portion Amelia started perking up a bit and actually let me put her down.

Photobucket Yes, I DO need two suckers!

She liked the laughing skull.

On Halloween night she practiced walking with both pumpkins AND wearing Mommy's shoes.

Elizabeth wouldn't pause long enough to take a picture once after leaving the house and it was too dark to take it from a distance. But I did get this darling picture when they came back. Even just our little neighborhood of employee housing was too much for Amelia. She insisted on carrying that huge rubber duckie the entire time. Elizabeth was invited into one of the first houses, so after that she walked right in every time someone opened the door. Cute girls, if I do say so myself. So excited for Granny and Grandpa's visit next week!



James said...

Somebody actually thought Amelia was a boy! Even with the ladybug costume!

Elizabeth landed in a patch of stickers (the nasty purple ones) and stayed out of the grass the rest of the night after I cleaned her off. Except I missed one that was in her shoe. She kept walking the other 3/4 of the neighborhood, though. She started saying "trick-or-treat!" and "knock knock!" before we finished. She also said "Thank you!" and "Bye!" as she ran off for the next house.

Audra & Levi said...

I love the costumes! The idea of the ladybug on the flower is cute!!! I had a clingy one too, so I know what that is like! Callie could have totally been my ladybug! The party looks like fun and I love the pic of Amelia all cuddled up to her dad!

Olivia Carter said...

Such cute costumes!

Cindy said...

Hi Christie, this is your "cousin-in-law" Cindy. I love checking in on your cute little family. My little Mayzie was a ladybug for Halloween too. I think she is really close in age to Amelia. Glad you guys had a fun Halloween :)

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Both the girls looked darling in costumes. I loved the video of Elizabeth having so much fun with the big kids.

Max said...

Cute kid! Lady bugs are probably the only bugs that don't bug people.

Sabina said...

I love the costumes,I want a ladybug some day!!!!!!!!!!or a flower ,or princes...my boys just like scary costumes ,or superheroes,I nedd I girl!!!!!!!!