05 November 2008

What do you cook in a 16 inch dutch oven?

How about 5 Cornish Hens?

We wanted to get a dutch oven for our anniversary this summer. Started looking on Amazon and found one that was 62% off. The information was a bit fuzzy on the size, but it seemed to be a deep dish 14 inch , based on the quarts. Maybe a big larger than we needed. Still, who could resist 62% off!

Turned out to be a standard 16 inch. It is HUGE! So we hadn't used it yet. James decided he wanted dutch oven cooking for his birthday dinner. He found a dutch oven recipe for Cornish Hens, calling for 5 birds. Perfect! You don't cook that in your normal 12 inch dutch oven! And we were having the Sister Missionaries over for dinner, so one for each adult and one for the girls to share. Actually, I ended up sharing one with the girls and the missionaries took home the rest of theirs in doggie bags, along with the leftover one.

I think we might do this again when Mom and Dad are here. It's such a fun meal with great presentation appeal. Also thinking a 16 inch dutch oven would be great for pizza.

Oh, and we have a nice brick fireplace type thing on our back porch. It's a homemade contraption and quite cool. But even that wasn't large enough for this monster dutch oven! Fortunately it has a metal top, so I used it as a charcoal table and that worked out just great. I put some more coals inside the brick fireplace and threw on some foil-wrapped potatoes, which I replaced with the dessert (lazy cobbler...chocolate cake mix, 2 cans cherry pie filling, 2 sticks butter, butterscotch chips) half-way through cooking the chicken.


Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I thought mine was big. Mine is 14! Crazy! And I have a 12, too.

Hmm...the food looks so yummy!
How about Cornish Hens one night and Pizza another night! ;)

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Hey, I want your Cornish Hens recipe, please. Our missionaries might get Cornish Hens....and lazy cobble for desert the next time feed them.

James said...

The recipe came from the "geezer Cookbook", a collection of recipes from Scouts all over the place. Watch out for the typos. Most are obviously formatting problems with documents being converted over the past 16 years or so of the project, but some are potentially bad. Like the hash fries being cooked for "415 minutes, then set to the side for another 15".

James said...

I'm sending you the cookbook by e-mail. If anyone else wants them, let me know.

We also made Tex-Mex Wantons the other night. Elizabeth loved them!

5 Cornish hens, thawed, rinsed & dried
4 carrots sliced into halves, the then quartered
4 celery stalks, sliced into halves
2 ears frozen or fresh corn, cut into halves
olive oil

Sprinkle each hen with paprika, then very lightly with sage. Stuff with corn ears, carrots, and celery. Coat bottom of Dutch oven with olive oil. Place hens in
oven. Cover spaces between hens with remaining corn, carrots, and celery. Bake 30-45 minutes or
until corn is tender. Even better when used with quail (sorry, Bobwhites), dove, or pheasant.

Ashley said...

Looks yummy!

Bob said...

Start cooking, were on the way.

Ashley said...

Hey James - are you stalking me? I saw you commented after me on What mormons like. Stalker! :)

James said...

Nah, it's just the Dr. Pepper making you see things.