19 November 2008

Our "swingset"

Mom and Dad gave the girls baby/toddler swings for Christmas last year and we hadn't ever found a way to hang them up. We don't have a swingset and don't want to get one because we never know when we might move (ha, ha). We've got tons of trees, but no branches right for the job.
Anyway, while they were visiting Elizabeth pulled the swings out of the garage and the girls did their best to enjoy them on the ground.

James even managed to be a human swingset for Elizabeth for a little while before his arms gave out.

Grandpa suggested running a pipe across the roof of our house to the roof of the neighbors' house, but Granny came up with a better idea, using PVC pipe and the old clothesline pole. All it took was a trip to Home Depot and a little work by James with the drill and the girls now have an awesome swingset!

Elizabeth might like it just a tiny bit. Seriously, it's just the thing for our sensory seeking little girl. Monday morning Granny pushed her in it for quite a while and she came in and fell asleep on her own, which very rarely happens. This kind of activity is very organizing for Elizabeth.
Amelia, on the other hand, hates it. She loves to watch her sister, but otherwise she'd rather just walk over and talk to the neighbors' dog.


Ashley said...

That's awesome! Glad it worked out so well. Maybe Amelia will grow into it or something :)

Jamie said...

Cute pics!

Katie said...

I LOVE the pictures of Elizabeth on the swings. She is just so happy.

Audra and Levi said...

That looks like fun and very inventive!