03 December 2007

CT Scan Thursday

Amelia had her 4 month checkup today. According to her doctor's scale she was 10 lbs 15.5 oz today (with sleeper and diaper). She's only 21.5 inches long.
She is getting a CT scan Thursday morning at 8 am to check on her skull and make sure there hasn't been any premature fusion. Hopefully all will be well as far as that goes and she'll "only" need a helmet or band. Here's some info on what we're dealing with from Cranial Technology's website:
Scaphocephaly (Dolichocephaly) describes a head with a long,
narrow shape, and is particularly common in premature babies.
Firmness of infant cranial bones increases nearly 5-10 fold
during the last ten weeks of pregnancy. Premature delivery makes the already soft cranium susceptible to molding forces. Premature infants are also more likely to be physically delayed, preventing normal movement of the head.
Preemies will often spend extended time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on a respirator with the head in a fixed position. This can result in a long and narrow head shape.


James said...

If Amelia gets a helmet, I'll buy her some cute flight goggles to go with it. I'll buy her a silk scarf too, but she'll be too little to wear it except for maybe a few pictures.

Audra said...

I have a tendency to keep my kids sleeping on their sides because I co-sleep/nurse and Nolans plastic surgeon fussed at me and said I could make Jovie's head mold that way. These days there are a lot of babies with helmets... well at least more than I have ever seen before! I am just happy they have ways to treat it so young and it will never faze her this young! You can decorate it with stickers!

Katie said...

James, that is so funny.