08 December 2007

Kit Up!

Got a Scouter on your Christmas list, and don't know what to get them?

How about a wannabe sniper?

Or a whole family that wants to start their own compound?

Then you need to go to Kit Up!

Kit Up! has all the info and reviews you need to see what is hot, cool, and awesome according to those active and retired who have "been there, done that" and the families and friends that helped them throughout.

So if your tired of the cheap Chinese knockoffs that they wouldn't even give their own people, then check out the goodies on Kit Up! that are milspec or better. Soon your scouter will be the envy of his patrol. Your sniper will learn phrases such as "You can run, but you'll just die tired." And the compound will have all the TA 550 cord it will ever need. You don't even have to know what milspec or TA 550 is to use the site, it is so easy.

Act now, and you will get a free referral to the best humor in the business to help you learn how to use the gear properly. (Warning: Some material may be PG or more; they try to keep it fairly clean but they don't catch everything).

Go Here!

Look to Ponchoman to teach you new uses for your shelter half. Find out the 213 things Specialist Schwartz (a.k.a Skippy) is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army. Memorize Murphy's Laws of Combat and quote them at work (Sun Tzu's "Art of War" was popular a while back, remember?). After that, you can learn how to simulate life in your choice of military services, just so you can realize that having sick kids in the house isn't that bad after all. (Or maybe you'll realize there's a better place to be than at home when the kids are sick. My dad managed to be in one war or another when my brothers and I hit our early teen years. He must have figured something out). If you know someone that is about to retire, there's help for them as well.

As a free preview, we'll tell you now what a sniper feels when they shoot an Al Qaeda terrorist.



It's all here, ladies and germs. Internet spiders are standing by to spin you a web across the world wide.

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