07 December 2007

It's all Chad's fault!

Katie kept mentioning that Chad liked this thing called Slick Deals. I had looked at it once (I think when Ashley mentioned it, actually) but it didn't seem all that great, and not focused on the kinds of things I'm interested. I was already visiting more mommy-oriented sites like A Full Cup, Mommy Savers and Baby Cheapskate.
Then came the day when Katie posted the Babycenter deal on her blog. She said she had found it on Slick Deals, but the key was that she posted a link to the discussion forum. Um, I had never made it further than the front page! That happened to be the day that I stumbled across the Amazon $250 toy deal (I only ended up with one free toy, btw.). So I went back to Slick Deals to see what in the world this seems-to-good-to-be-true promotion was. And I've been there ever since.
I got a free month trial of Amazon Prime right in time for the Holidays and the combination has been deadly addictive! Looking back over this I realize it's probably more Katie's fault than Chad's. Christmas shopping has never been so fun! It would be a nightmare if I had to do it in B&M stores this year. But I just hope I can stop once our list is complete! Amazon has had so many good toy deals and I never would have found them on my own. Can't go into details since some of y'all are getting things from there.

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Katie said...

Oh, the forums can be addicting. We always laugh about the slick dealers who really really frequent the site and what they will do for a deal. We never knew that there were people out there who were actually cheaper than us until we started going on slick deals. I know what you mean about Christmas shopping - we had a hard time stopping last year and the kids kept getting more gifts than they needed just because of the incredible deals we found. We had to set firm limits on ourselves this year. It can be great for secret santa stuff though. Glad you have found it to be useful!