22 March 2008

Popular baby names by hospital

Not only is this "not an announcement" but I'm NOT pregnant (I did wonder about the wording when my sister Katie posted about names!). I just found out about this website that lists the top 10 baby names by hospital. It's interesting to see how much it varies, just across town. Medical Center Hospital, where both my girls were born, is listed. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but still fun.


lindsey said...

sign lily's hospital wasn't on there... thats too bad.. fun site though

Katie said...

That's very cool. The new boy will be born at a different hospital than Gabe was and it was interesting to see the differences in the two.

Jamie said...

I looked at the Utah names just for fun because I know a lot of people up here name there kids after names in the scriptures. Surprisingly I didn't find any except in Richfield, UT one of there boy names was Teancum. I looked up the hospital I was born in and found that Lily, Elizabeth and Gabriel were popular.