25 March 2008

They tortured my baby!

Well, today turned out to be quite traumatic and we still don't know what's going on! Amelia has had a fever (101-103) on and off since Saturday. We took her to the doctor today. Nothing in her ears, lungs sound fine...sent her to the hospital for a bood workup and a cathater for a urine sample. It took two heel pricks to get the blood, but then she wouldn't stop bleeding while they tried to get the urine sample. Note that I said TRIED. Three different nurses failed to get it in, including a pediatric nurse they called down. It was the worst torture I have ever seen her put through, including when she was intubated. Then back to the pedi office where they gave her an antibiotic shot and gave me a bag to try to catch pee in (wish me luck on that one; we haven't been practicing "early elimination communication" or whatever it's called!).

Then the doctor decides that he'll finally get proactive about moving forward on the helmet thing. Only he's never handled it before and they keep making referrals to the wrong places! The PT therapist from ECI has been trying to get information for me, but I've been too overwhelmed to really process and remember enough of it to move forward (besides, I have a phone phobia that has been flairing up terribly lately...it was quite a breakthrough for me to make Amelia's appt. today). Anyway, we have to go back tomorrow and hopefully we'll get it all worked out.

I was right at the breaking point, going through paperwork that's all thrown in a box, and couldn't remember which ECI person was which and who was helping me with the helmet info...and then I prayed for help. My cell phone rang (and I heard it, which is unusual!). It was the SP, calling to confirm her visit tomorrow. That was one of the calls I had to make (to cancel). I was able to talk to her and figure out that it was the PT I was thinking of and got the phone number from her. Now I still have to call the PT, or at least give the number to the pedi office...but that was such a blessing. Anyway, I'm rambling...it's been a LONG day, Amelia and I haven't been sleeping well, I hurt my back, and we still don't know what's wrong with her...oh, but I did see (while holding her down for the torturers) a slit where her first tooth is coming in!


James said...

Vardell agrees with me: can't we just squeeze out a diaper? More importantly, when Amelia was peeing on the nurses, why didn't one of them think to grab a specimen cup since they were getting "the sample" flowing freely?

missionarymom said...

Oh, how horrible! And what a day! I know about cathaters and little girls; but Lindsey was 3. Remember when she was in the hospital? That time, the nurses couldn't the IV in her veins, several tried. The doctor got it in. He was great, but I couldn't take it...I had to leave the room. I didn't want Lindsey to see and hear me cry. Luckily she loved her Daddy more than Mommy. After she was better, we had to a specialist. Cathater was so painful! I hope they are better now! Poor baby!
Once I needed a urine sample for
a Bobby and they told me if the diaper was wet, they could get the sample with the diaper. Maybe you can that. Oh, wait! Bobby's diaper was cloth, that might make a difference!

Jamie said...

Sorry you guys had such a rough day! I hope things get better!

Oh and before I forget, I wanted to thank you guys for the christmas gifts you sent Aaron and I. Sorry I know its a little tacky to be thanking you so late but for some reason I thought Aaron had mentioned it to you and he told me he hadn't yet. But thanks a bunch! :)

Audra said...

Poor thing. At least she is young and does not remember. But i know how you feel! You think, "I am letting them do this to my baby!" They had to draw blood from Callie for allergies and she was just a few months old and she screamed and just looked at me as if to say "Can't you make them stop! Help mom!" I just cried and cried! So, I am so sorry! I know it is terrible!