01 April 2008


I've been wondering about the fluoride (or lack thereof) in our water for a while and something I read today led me check it out here. I found out our water is NOT fluoridated...because the water has natural levels above the optimal level.
As we in the Jeppson clan know, too much fluoride can be a bad thing. Levi was the one at the worst age for tooth development when we lived in Bruneau and has suffered the consequences. So I looked up Bruneau for comparison. Now, I think we were on well water, but I imagine the levels were similar because Bruneau has far higher levels than elsewhere in the county. Their levels are over twice the limit and ours are far less, so hopefully my kiddos teeth will be ok.
How's your water?


Ash said...

None in our water. Our doctor gives us fluoride drops, but I hardly use them - I'm always afraid they are going to get too much.

James said...

We had to take a weekly fluoride treatment in school when we lived in Germany. We called it poison ivy juice, until they tried to give us bubble gum flavor and we asked for the green stuff back. It tasted awful, especially on my first school day there when I didn't know what it was and just gulped it down. Blech.