07 April 2008

General Conference from the perspective of a "young mother"

At age 32 I don't really feel like a "young mother" but I'm going to assume Elder Ballard really meant "mothers of young children." That talk was just what I needed. Here are some highlights of our Conference weekend.

Elizabeth has an issue with singing. The opening hymn usually spells a total meltdown. She gets the most devastated, pained look on her face and sobs her little heart out. But she LOVES the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the exact same hymns. The other choirs that sang made her happy, too. No matter what she was playing with she would run over to the computer as soon as the music started. When they showed a shot of the organ she ran over and got her keyboard and joined in. How cute is that? I can't wait to see if all this means she has some musical talent. It does seem her ears are sensitive to off-pitch singing!
We did get dressed up and go in to the meetinghouse on Sunday. We got there early so I could work in the Family History Center, which I'm trying to get up and running again after it's been mostly dormant for the past few years. And so Elizabeth could enjoy Music and the Spoken Word! Here's Amelia playing in the foyer. She didn't like how dark the chapel was. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the big box of Cheerios James brought (I meant for him to put some in a baggie!).

After the Sunday morning session we stayed for a baptism and I'll admit I was glad we had plenty of Cheerios because I was getting really hungry by then. Elizabeth had a meltdown as soon as the singing started, though, so the girls and I left halfway through. They both fell asleep on the way home, giving me a little peace during the first half of the last session.

That allowed me to have dinner ready by the time Conference was over so I could load it and the girls back in the van to rejoin James at the meetinghouse and tackle the FHC once more. I'd downloaded some instructions during their nap and this time managed to get the internet back up and running. It helped that James had keys to the utility room because the modem and firewall are in there.

When we finally got home around 7:30 our next door neighbors had their new puppy out front. Elizabeth was so excited. Then she discovered something even more exciting...a sprinkler! She liked it a lot more than this picture shows and ended up going straight into the tub once we went inside.

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Katie said...

Good post Christie. AWWWWW, am I sure I want another baby?