03 April 2008

While Amelia was tortured...

... Elizabeth enjoyed the playground outside the hospital. She had no idea why we were there, but she certainly got her energy out.

There were lots of other kids there also playing, which made it even more fun for Elizabeth.

She didn't quite understand the slider thingy, but she had fun anyway, especially with a little lift from Daddy along the way.

The shovel crane looked like a fun part of the playground, but even the big beefy boys couldn't muscle all that metal around without some help.

Another part of the playground is a diagram of the Solar System, with a speaker that says facts about the different parts whenever you go near one. At least I think that's how it works; it was stuck on Jupiter so I heard an excited 8 year boy's voice repeat "Jupiter, the biggest planet. It has a spot!" about a zillion times before another kid got it to switch over. Elizabeth is sitting on Mercury. The planets were covered in nice foam padding that was surprisingly cool and not sticky despite the heat.

If only we had known about this playground when Amelia was in the NICU, we could have brought Elizabeth to it since this hospital is only a few blocks away from the other one.

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