15 April 2008

Calling all Parkins grandchildren!

Grandpa's got a big birthday coming up...he'll be 80 on May 2nd. I know I wouldn't have known if it didn't come up talking to my mom this week, and I have his birthdate staring me in the face every time I open my family history files! So I thought I'd give a heads up and suggest that we all make a point of sending a card or something this year. That's just over 2 weeks away, so go ahead and get the card the next time you're out and I'll try to put up a reminder to put it in the mail a week before. It's also enough time that if you want to you can be all creative and make one on Shutterfly or something like that. I'm sure he'd like to read our memories of fun times with him when we were little...and for most of us I bet that includes scrapping gum off the chairs at the Lodge!

Personally, my plan is to buy a card the next time I'm at a store and use it to write memories in, then if I get on the ball and do a creative one that is just gravy and it can be from the girls, but at least I'll know that I have something if life gets in the way and I don't do anything more original.


Katie said...

Good idea Christie! And maybe it will help my remember to send the thank card to Nana that I have had sitting around for over a month! AGH!

Ash said...

Thanks for the heads up! I love that we have lived close enough to get to see Grandpa every few months. I feel like he actually knows us and our kids. He's always so happy to see them and he's just such a good, kind man.