28 January 2009

And the rollercoaster continues

The statewide vacancy list came out yesterday. Turns out most of the promising openings are in Gainesville, 10 miles north of where I taught high school for 4 years. Housing costs are reasonable there, there's a ward and a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and James recently found out one of the supervisors there is LDS. The hospital right next to my old apartment (30 minutes from Gainesville) has a new Level III NICU. It all seemed to be falling into place.
I was on my way to storytime when James called. Voicemail from NC...not just NC but Concord...the job that is the closest to what James does now, in the location closest to Charlotte. This is the job that has a continous posting rather than a specific opening listed.
Oh, and the lady who called will be out of office until Friday.
Still going forward on the transfer request and will carry on with that plan as we see if North Carolina can pull off a last minute steal.


Ashley said...

I root for a NC steal, but at least you can feel good about Gainesville for now!

Chad Coleman said...

Agree with Ashley. Either way at least you can feel some security! Glad to hear about it.

Chad Coleman said...

and this is Katie. Argh. And James, I loved your last comment under Ollie's girl pictures. Too funny.