29 January 2009

Interview in Concord

Charlotte folks, check your e-mail. I sent the details, along with a plea for rides.
James is interviewing for a Youth Counselor position at the Youth Development Center in Concord one week from today. The euphemisms may be totally different, but the job description is the same as his current position as a Case Worker at a State School.
Wish us luck!


Ashley said...

Good luck! That is awesome news! Of course if you move there I will be insanely jealous!!!!

Heather's Books said...

Wishing him good luck on the interview...

James said...

The job description in the posting was a little off, to say the least. The job in questions is on the 2:30 to 10:30 PM shift, and it is working with a group of 4 juveniles the entire shift. Basically a JCO and Case Manager rolled into one, except with a much smaller caseload. I'm not even sure if it will be considered "my" caseload or if I tag team with others. It'll depend on what the offered pay is and what else they can tell me.

This is an entirely new program, though, and they are building the population at the facility 4 juveniles at a time (they're at 8 now, I think). I was also advised to amend my application with every job I've had that involved working with people, as that will all go towards a higher starting pay.

We'll have to see what they offer vs the transfer to Gainesville we've accepted.