24 January 2009


A favorite activity around here. Notice that Elizabeth wants a partner, but Amelia isn't cooperating. And, yes, that's pretty much what our living room looks like by the end of every day. We NEED a playroom (and we have an extra bedroom, but our books live there!).


Jamie said...

Your little girls are so cute!

Audra said...

That is very good dancing!!!

And kids=mess, so dont worry about it! Even with a playroom my kids want to bring their toys wherever I am... the kitchen, living room, and I just took 4 baskets of toys out of my room!

Ashley said...

Cute dancing! I've decided that dancing with the kids for 10 minutes everyday is going to be my new exercise routine, because it's all I can get.

We have a playroom but my kids would rather be wherever I am. But at least most of the toys have a place to be that is not in the living room!

lindsey said...

dancing and singing are some
of lily's favorite activities... we use lilys room as a play room since all we have for her anyway is a crib, but of course she only plays in there if shes having a tea party with her stuffed animals. this is a fun age.