14 January 2009


So at Elizabeth's speech appointment this week she was coloring, because that is what Elizabeth's doing these days...she's finally taken an interest.

I asked the ECI coordinator if she'd noticed if Elizabeth was preferring one hand over the other. She said she was definitely using her left hand almost exclusively to color and pointed out that she had a perfect grip on the crayen. That made me smile, since I hadn't noticed that part. I'd been a bit worried about Elizabeth's fine motor skills.

We've suspected Elizabeth might be left handed for a long time now, but it's been very hard to be sure since she really wasn't interested in things like coloring or using utensils. Amelia, on the other hand, is clearly right handed (and already colors better than Elizabeth did a few months ago).

Of course "handedness" is a big deal for Jeppsons...coming from a family evenly split down the middle with both lefties and righties. Mom is right handed, Dad is left handed and there are two left handed boys, two left handed girls, two right handed boys, and two left handed boys.

Other than Elizabeth, any other lefties in the next generation?


lindsey said...

we are pretty sure lily is left handed... but then again seth and i are both left handed so there's a good chance most of our kids will be.

Katie said...

All my kids seem to be right handed with writing, though Colin bats left.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

But Chad TAUGHT Colin to bat left handed, right?

Audra and Levi said...

Our kids are all "righties" much to Levi's disapointment! The only thing I like about that is I HATE watching Levi write! It look all wrong to me! But I wish he had a leftie in the bunch, but no such luck. You think with 7, one would have been!

Ashley said...

I'm not too sure about my kids. I;m pretty sure Rae is a rightie but this morning she was eating with her left hand! Blaise might be a leftie, he uses it for most thing. We'll see.